Arts and crafts classes are also part of the curriculum including painting, sewing, ceramics, and beading – skills that are incorporated into the making of traditional Tohono O’odham clothing, medicine pouches, jewelry, pottery, and holiday handicrafts such as cascarones. Also offered are instruction in dance, pottery, and cooking.



The District of GuVo is thankful to have our own kiln.  Throughout the year traditional and modern pottery lessons are provided to children and adults. 



Arizona is home to many wonderful museums.  With that in mind, we are deliberate in planning as many trips as possible to tour and visit them.  It is our intent that while we are also gaining knowledge, we are also instilling in our youth an admiration and appreciate of museums.  As one child asked, “Which museums will we go to this year?”



Language revitalization is of utmost importance in maintaining our history and culture.  In our after school and summer programs the O’odham language is taught.  We also have developed on online tool Word of the Week and Phrase of the Week for our online audience.