Many Indigenous languages throughout the world are endangered or in peril of going extinct. The O'odham language, though still spoken by many elders and some young people, is one of those languages. NAAF was created to meet the needs of the GuVo and Tohno O'odham communities. One of the needs consistently voiced by the community is for the preservation and documentation of the O'odham language, with a focus on the dialects of the western districts. To that end, NAAF has begun work on the I:mig Project, which will not only preserve and document the language but will also provide lessons to the community, including in NAAF's After-School and Summer Adventure Programs. 



The District of GuVo is thankful to have our own kiln.  Throughout the year traditional and modern pottery lessons are provided to children and adults. 



Arizona is home to many wonderful museums.  With that in mind, we are deliberate in planning as many trips as possible to tour and visit them.  It is our intent that while we are also gaining knowledge, we are also instilling in our youth an admiration and appreciate of museums.  As one child asked, “Which museums will we go to this year?”